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Mortgage foreclosure surplus funds claims . You might have a mortgage foreclosure surplus funds claim when you sell your house through a foreclosure sale.

Most homeowners are surprised to learn that they might be entitled to monies after a foreclosure if the home is sold for more than the loan. If you still have equity after a foreclosure, the funds belong to you—the original homeowner—not the bank..

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If you thought your entire life and fortune disappeared when your home was taken by foreclosure, you may be shocked to learn you have thousands of dollars coming to you. If the bidder who bought the home paid more than was needed to pay off the defaulted debt any overage should go to you. Let us help to get you money back.

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We have helped 100’s of clients recover funds that they didn’t know was available to them. There are very particular rules that must be followed in order to convince the State that you are who you say you are, and that you owned the property. Time and time again, we see the government denying these applications filed by individuals doing it on their own or with an attorney who is not familiar with these types of applications. The number of people and attorneys who simply give up is heartbreaking. The money sits waiting while the State pockets the interest being generated on the funds. We have all the expertise to make sure you get your money.

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